collaborative learning

Wisdom begins in wonder

Ancient Greece through Design and Technology “Creation is the heart of creativity and is only meaningful when grounded in action – it’s not a feeling, a mindset, or an outcome. But it can be developed…” Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary… Read More ›

Out With the Old…

“Animals Trapped on Pages: A Study on Fiction and Non Fiction Texts” Janine Cervi, Valerie Browne with Patsy Grisar, Josefina DeVedia, Punta Chica 1A and 1B students During our July Summer Institute with Carol Ann Tomlinson at the University of Virgina… Read More ›

SASS Film Festival 2014

Learning through Service:  IT – Film As part of the graphic design program for year 10, the students designed posters and programs for the IB Film Festival celebrated last October.  Students demonstrated eager commitment and high creativity.  They fulfilled the… Read More ›