Conclusions… City X


Our main objective in this workshop was to challenge our students, to make them think critically, to cater for solutions of real life problems, using their creativity and imagination.  The idea was that students would be able to discuss, create, design, try new things, share experiences and…redesign if necessary..  All this  took place in a relaxed atmosphere, outside the boundaries of the  classroom and the contents and syllabuses connected to it.

Ideas for Future Development

The framework of the project allows for a number of possibilities and ideas, with different content, in different areas and diverse age groups.  The project might be easily adapted and applied according to the needs of teachers and students., as ideas, skills, and concepts related to design thinking and the rest of the process including the 3D printer, are essential and highly recommendable in all subjects and topics.

Final Reflection

Working with the Design Process was a new and fascinating experience for us. It gave us a space to play freely with our students, which is sometimes so difficult to achieve during class time due to the timing, curricula,  and other needs. We worked in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere., we got to know students from a different point of view, their way of thinking, discussing and their creativity. It helped both, students and teachers to discover strengths and abilities, sometimes unknown.  We had never experienced such an enriching process. We really recommend teachers to make a space and a time to share with students, in a project out of the boundaries and safety of the classroom.

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