Designing Learning Pathways. Self Assessment

Members: Patricia Dillon, Marta Nattkemper, Alejandra Quaglia
Category: Digital Curriculum

Objectives and what was accomplished:

  • Design  our own adaptive Language programme.
     As a pilot programme, this platform allowed us to develop an adaptive courseware on tenses, one of the most relevant but difficult topics in the primary school Language curriculum. We customized it by creating learning pathways, directing our students to remedial resources or offering them more content to stretch their knowledge.
  • Cater for individual students’ needs through its interactive components.
    Although we encountered some difficulties, we were able to achieve our main objective which was to design adaptive lessons that catered for students’ needs, providing a personalised learning path and significant data for the teacher.
  • Analyse data showing students’ performance.
    The results showed difficulties in some areas which allowed us to adapt the content including or modifying exercises in the platform to achieve student mastery of the topics.

Future Development

The future of adaptive learning allows for learning “what you need when you need it”. It is becoming a foundational piece of classroom instruction, a cornerstone in education as it identifies and covers learning gaps, allows students to work at their own pace, and provides tools for differentiation.

We believe that data-driven decision making is a global trend at schools today, and when focused on teaching and learning, it empowers teachers to analyse both student’s and class performance, which will be finally translated into improved instruction, drilling and teacher practices.

Final Reflection

Creating a learning pathway was completely new to us and although it demanded of  a lot of planning and hard work, it allowed us to see what we teach from a different perspective.

Not only can teachers analyse an entire class performance as well as pinpoint problem areas for each student but also go over their own practice and create a tailored made programme according to their needs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, just a small piece in a jigsaw with endless possibilities.

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