Discovering the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss – Self Assessment

Looking back at our goals when we began this project, we are proud to say we accomplished what we aimed at. Our objective was not only to engage our students in Dr Seuss work, but to discover a way of exploring creativity through the craziness of his world. 
Children were able to get immersed and identify Dr. Seuss writing style, illustrations, and even feel the rhyme and rhythm of Dr Seuss’ stories and therefore become writers themselves by producing their own work.The project made the children become experts exploring literature, technology, art and drama among other areas. Students were challenged with activities responding to higher order thinking skills: analyze and judge characters, invent a poem following the well known rhythm of “Green eggs and ham”, write a book recommendation, and create their own activity or game for SeussDay, which they had the opportunity to share with parents and other community members. Students worked in an autonomous way, making own decisions and leading their own learning journey. 
Students also discovered through the authors’ quotes valuable life lessons that affected their personal lives directly, beyond academic expectations. We were unable to fully implement the objective for this last activity, as time was running out. It was our intention to spread Dr. Seuss quotes around school and work collaboratively with sixth graders. We will make sure to accomplish this in the year to come. 
This project has accompanied us for a couple of years now, and we are amazed to see how our students´motivation, level of engagement and outcome throughout the project exceeds every year. We are certain this project can be easily adapted to any teacher working on an author study at any level. 
Melanie Gahan
Agustina Ravagnan

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