Maker’s Time: Igniting Learning by Making. Self Assessment

Objectives and accomplishment:

1. Empower our students to become lifelong learners, taking ownership of their learning experience.
Children were given freedom to make choices. We observed our children had a high degree of curiosity, were fully engaged, motivated and directing their own learning.

2. Allow students to choose their learning goals, paths and strategies.
They became independent learners who always found the way to overcome obstacles on their own and achieved their goals mainly due to their persistent attitude.

3. Give students freedom to teach themselves a specific topic developing mastery and assuming complete responsibility for it. 
This project helped students develop certain skills and interests that they were not aware they had.

Future Development:
We strongly believe that our experience of self-directed learning can be replicated in other sectors of the school.

Final reflection:
This is a time for us to rethink our teaching practices and redesign learning spaces. The need to have a special place where students could explore, create, build, invent arose at the same time as the launching of the project. Our Makerstudio became the perfect environment for them to develop their prototypes.
Our next objective is for our students to invent their own solutions to real life problems. These are essential skills that can challenge and prepare children for their present and future life.


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