The Tisel Project – Entry #5: self assesment

Tisel began as a answer to the problem of academic honesty. We wanted to create a narrative around being honest that wasn’t boring or too serious. We, as educators, are facing two challenges:

  • The very real threat of our students becoming consumers of content (Netflix, YouTube, Google, etc) and not creators.
  • The fact that when we create, we need to acknowledge the sources from which we took our information. Since information is so readily available, students (and all of us) tend to think that mentioning the source is unnecessary when in reality it constitutes stealing.

Did we achieve our objectives?

These were our aims:

  • To foster the creation of knowledge
  • To protect the work you do as your own and give credit to what others discovered and shared.
  • To strengthen the research skills of students – across school
  • To bring forth the values of SASS: Integrity, respect and responsibility.

What is tricky about our project is that we are trying to bring awareness into something that has become part of our daily lives: sharing content across all platforms without ever acknowledging the source. It includes us as teachers, too. So we know that we are just beginning.

What we know he have achieved:

  • The character is recognized by most students in the Secondary school.
  • We created campaigns that can be shared and reused across school. We even adapted it for second graders and Y8 students presented Tisel to them.
  • We have rekindled the conversation about academic honesty and creativity in students in the Secondary school.

What are our possibilities for the future? Can this continue?

YES. In fact, we want this project to be taken up by anybody who can make use of Tisel. We have a shared folder where you can access Tisel’s expressions (both the cartoon and the meme versions). The presentations can be adapted and we have at least four that can be used by anybody who wants to deal with academic honesty.

We also have plans to expand the project and deal with fake news, higher order thinking skills and eventually the creation of an “Idea center,” a place where all the bright and original ideas of SASS can be showcased – students and teachers alike-.


Other comments:

Since this is a project that belongs to no subject, it is hard for us to assess it according to the criteria in the PD Contest.

Tisel belongs to the school and it should not end with us. It can be a mascot, it can be posters, it can be the face of a newspaper, it can be part of a logo. Our dream is that it embodies all that is creative, original and has been authored by the members of the SASS community. And it also works as a friendly reminder of things that are not that fun to teach such as correct citation of sources and academic integrity.

Tisel also addresses a real life problem: a serious academic production cannot use the same informal methods of the everyday flow of content that takes place in our lives. There are real consequences to stealing someone else’s ideas and using them as our own.

Tisel plays a key role in the education of creativity (yes, creativity can be taught and improved) by providing a clear framework to help us define originality, collaboration and problem solving. It fosters autonomy in students by letting them be independent thinkers who can clearly identify how ideas develop and how we can credit others for their contributions in any field.

Once again, this project might not fit this contest but we wanted it to be out there. We wanted to write about it and get feedback and this seemed like a perfect outlet for it.

We thank you all for reading this far!

Paula, Sofía & Tisel


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