The Tisel project – Entry #4

Summary of epic wins and epic fails

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Categories: Digital curriculum, Values

Members: Paula Barberis, Sofía Stead

So, as the year comes to an end, we sat together with Tisel and asked some tough questions. Tisel was very gracious and answered all of them.

Interview (transcribed from our meeting with Tisel):

Paula: Tisel, what do you make of your first year at SASS?

Tisel: It has been awesome! I started off with soooo many ideas. My plans included: my very own song, an animated version of me, pins and hats people could wear, my first feature film… I definitely wanted to attend all the events that took place this year.

Sofi: But… you seem to describe all the things you haven’t achieved, yet… What have you actually achieved?

Tisel: I could go on… I planned my Wikipedia entry. Never got around to writing it. I also have plans to fight fake news and questionable sources of information, which I’ll probably do next year.

Sofi: Tisel, please focus. We need to see if we actually did something worthy this past 2017.

Tisel: Yes!!! We have. We presented the academic honesty policy to MS. We researched a lot into procrastination and developed a campaign to fight it back, and get things done today! As a matter of fact, learning about procrastination really helped me with my own work now that I come to think about it… I also presented the Extended Essay task to soooo many students… they kept coming and coming… Y12, Y11 and Y10. Sooooo many of them!! And then we went to Primary school to introduce myself to second graders. They were fantastic! They knew all about Respect, Honesty and Responsibility.

Paula: Stop complaining! You love talking to people! What was your best moment?

Tisel: I think I felt really cared for when they asked me to explain what a good friend was. Apparently students get confused when trying to describe true friendship. Check this out: Tisel para PSE MS, we made it especially for MS students.

Paula: Thank you, Tisel. We’ll meet again in February and you can tell us about your plans for the future. What do you say?

Tisel: It has been a pleasure and I look forward to February, I have tons of new ideas for 2018.


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