We Are Only But A Pale Blue Dot – Post 2

Phases I and II Completed!

Phase I

Students were introduced to the curricular topics within the Astronomy Unit in Science. This included the Earth’s Rotation and Revolution, Day and Night, the Seasons, and the Moon and Its Phases. They had to produce different pieces of work based on the investigations they did as teams, eliciting the most important information, taking pictures and then embedding them in a presentation, such as the web poster below.

web poster

Other examples of their work consisted of descriptive videos, which for instance explained some of the events that happen in space all the time, like day and night.

Other videos showed what they had learnt about the seasons.

science video

In Science, we constantly stress the fact that you can work in three different ways: experimenting, using theory or making models of situations when you cannot experiment.

Phase II

An evening with the Stars… A highlight in our learning journey.

After our preliminary investigations in class, we got to the next stage of our project: sharing with our families what the we had done so far. We organized a star gazing event in the Punta Chica grounds preceded by an exhibit of students’ work, conformed by finished projects as well as ongoing ones. This activity was optional for both Olivos and Punta Chica children.  

The first part of the evening consisted in showing what students had learned about the curricular topics and investigated of the initial questions about space they had asked themselves at the beginning of the project. Students’ open questions were first classified by the teachers into main topics , and after children selected one topic to work on and an outcome to show their findings.

Students’ work was reflected in a variety of presentations and activities displayed around the patio, such as live posters, puppet shows, poster discussions, Qr Codes with information about famous astronomers, models to explain day and night, and Augmented Reality presentations playing videos created by them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After students’ findings and products had been shared with the families, it was time to move farther away from the building and look up.  It was an amazing experience to spot the first stars that appeared in the sky and to find out if they were planets or stars with the help of the SkyView app and the  telescopes that we had assembled. Parents became very involved as did the younger siblings who were fascinated by the experience.

To crown this wonderful evening, some of us had the privilege of watching the International Space Station (ISS) fly by.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The week following the event we shared a form with all the students that had participated. It consisted of three simple queries: (NB. 43 students attended and filled the Form.)

  • Name two things you enjoyed about the Evening and tell me why.
  • Student´s favorite here was the fact that they shared their work and their effort with their parents: 31/43
  • Next was watching the stars in such an open space: 16/43
  • Thirdly, using a telescope for the first time:  12/43
  • Miscellaneous with fewer choices: Using the SkyView app, Going to school at night, Looking at other people’s work and Having Olivos and Punta Chica working together.       


  • Name one thing that you would help me change for next time.
  • That the event should last longer: 12/43
  • Make stations to organise it better:  6/43
  • Closer to Wifi so that videos and connections were better: 6/43
  • Later: 5/43
  • Miscellaneous:  More time to watch stars, On a different date and Chairs to sit down.


  • Your thoughts and feelings about the evening as a whole.
  • It was fun. 15/43
  • I enjoyed it. 7/43
  • A sense of achievement: 6:43
  • Anxious at the beginning: 3/43
  • Miscellaneous:  Great, Awesome, Loved it being after school, Repeat it next year, A pity WiFi didn’t work so well.

We would like to quote two that called our attention:

“When I got home I thought about all the wonderful things that Astronomy has. I felt awesome because I did not know how big the universe was and how small the Earth is. I also felt happy because I learned a lot of new things that I hadn’t learnt in class.” Lucas Y.

“A sense of achievement.” Joaco J.   

For the raw material, please refer to:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n1-19E1gFT_joob__NEWi5Da67YKerB-oAA-tl7Iqgc/edit#gid=1409123380


To summarize, based on students’ answers we can say they had greatly enjoyed the experience, especially because they had an audience they shared their work with and they were able to watch the stars in an open space, thus making their learning journey more meaningful and enriching. It definitely was a night to remember.

Ms. Florence Zanocchi, Y6 Science Teacher

Ms. Nancy Lopez, IT Teacher


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  1. Would have loved to star gaze with you!! Looks like a unique experience in which everyone was really involved!

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