The Tisel Project – entry #3

Tisel in Y2! (2nd grade)


Categories: Digital curriculum, Values

Members: Paula Barberis, Sofía Stead

Today, a group of Y8 students introduced Tisel to second graders, and we are very happy with the kids’ reaction!

With the help of our Y8 team, we created a simplified version of the presentation made for Middle School, focusing on the importance of the school values, and being a good classmate. During the introduction, we used examples of every day situations where these values are tested. Y2 students participated thoroughly.

Presentation slide 3
Tisel in Primary

Presentation slide 13
Tisel in Primary (2)

They were asked to intervene their copy however they wanted, so that they could create their own version of the character. This activity put the school values into practice:

  • Integrity: working on their own / not copying the work of others
  • Respect: accepting different approaches and results others may have had on the same assignment.
  • Responsibility: completing the activity / finishing on time

We were happy to see the kids writing things like “Be a good friend, be respectful, be helpful, be honest”, “tener respeto por el otro”, “tenemos que ser buenos, no voy a ser malo”.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this great initiative with us, fostering every school section to contribute to the communication of school values.

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