Post 5: End of the challenge or the beginning of a new one? City X

The Voice of the Students

We asked our students what they had liked best of the project. These are some of their thoughts and opinions

  • “We get to help somebody that is in need of our project”
  • “To be with our friends designing and sharing ideas”.
  • “Brainstorming and trying different ideas.”
  • “To keep coming up with different ideas every time”.

Why should we challenge our Students into Design Thinking?

  • Higher Order Thinking skills together with Problem Solving skills are developed
  • Students work in teams.  Social skills are developed and working with friends engages students.
  • It promotes creativity and fosters imagination
  • We encourage Trial and Error, where mistakes are always seen as a possibility to improve.


One Last Reflection from the Teachers

The 3D printer had just arrived to school and it was the first time it would be used.  It was here where the idea of Design Thinking arose.  But we had to learn to use the printer together with the kids.  An expert was invited to share what he did and his experiences with us. We loved it!  He showed us uses, models and prototypes. The project City X had begun. We had two different groups of students which would rotate throughout the year.

Working with the Design Process was a new and fascinating experience for us. It gave us a space to play freely with our students, which is sometimes so difficult to achieve during class time due to the timing, curricula,  and other needs. We worked in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. We got to know students from a different point of view, their way of thinking, discussing and  their creativity.  It helped both students and teachers to discover strengths and abilities in students who might have shown weaknesses in other areas of study, and this encouraged them to face new challenges.

Being  Language, and Maths teachers we had never experienced such an enriching and enlightening process. We really recommend teachers to make a space and a time to share with students in a project out of the boundaries and safety of the classroom.

City X, we are ready for new challenges next year!

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