POST 3- “What? A Digital Curriculum in Kindergarten? Yes! Putting our Critical Thinking Skills in action!” KO

We would like to share with you all the activities done throughout the year which reflect all our students’ work. Take a look at the following videos in which you will be able to see how we applied our Digital Curriculum during activities and challenges in our workshop.

Technology Video

Robotics Video

Coding and Robotics from Mayra Pistoni on Vimeo.

Although the kindergarten classroom is not typically a place where we expect to find students programming robots or using technology in their daily activities, we believe and can affirm that teaching Robotics and Technology skills during foundational early childhood years can be an engaging, fun and a rewarding experience for young learners AND teachers.

We would like to inspire you all to integrate technology in your classroom as we think effective technology integration changes classroom dynamics, encouraging student-centered learning. By taking small steps, teachers can begin to reap the benefits that technology can bring to their teaching and to student learning. We hope our Digital Curriculum inspires you and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Guadalupe Gómez – Mayra Pistoni

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