POST 2- “What? A Digital Curriculum in Kindergarten? Yes! Putting our Critical Thinking Skills in action!” KO

We have already shared with you our idea of implementing a Digital Curriculum in Olivos Kindergarten Robotics and Technology Workshop in our previous post as we think the abilities to effectively use and create technology to solve complex problems are the new and essential literacy skills of the twenty-first century.

The Digital Curriculum we created was designed to empower students to think critically, create innovative solutions for authentic problems, use computational thinking and information systems to implement digital solutions, behave safely online, and participate responsibly in our digital world becoming digital citizenships who will be ready to meet any challenges and be better prepared for lifelong learning and succeed in an interconnected digital world.

You can take a look at the Digital Curriculum we created in the following link (PDF):

Digital curriculum KO Robotics and Technology workshop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We would like to share with you all the activities done throughout the year which reflect all our students’ work.  Don´t miss our next Post!


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