Food for Thought Site and Conclusion

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Student nutrition care is an integral part of school success and the consumption of a balanced diet is crucial to achieve this. Both, home and school food and nutrition services play an important role in our student performance and well-being. Through this “Food for Thought” unit we aimed at promoting optimal nutritional insight through quality challenges and real life experiences.

The present unit, therefore, was mainly focused on the evaluation and reflection of home and school nutrition practices. We can proudly share that student involvement in the unit was incredibly high and although a balanced daily diet takes more than a school project to translate into everyday eating, nutrition awareness increased noticeably as the children in Y5 delved deeper into the unit. It became such an important topic to them that most of them chose this unit as their learning journey topic to share with their parents this year. We are extremely proud of their work and achievements.



Visit our FOOD FOR THOUGHT SITE to fully experience the extent of this unit

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  1. Very complete, clear and appealing presentation of the full project in the “Food for Thought” site!

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