Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution – Closing Reflection

Post 4 – Our Personal Reflection on the Project

Members of the team:

 Jimena Bouso – Pauline Forbes – Candy San Martino

The moment we started designing this project we never knew up to what extent both children and teachers would get so involved and enthusiastic with the 


harvest of lifelong learning and hands on experiences we went through. We even enjoyed the collaboration of other passionate teachers and older 

students who willingly offered themselves to share their knowledge helping us shape our prototype with their scientific information.

By the end of the project, our expectations were exceeded, as the focus was shifted from simply writing a character description to integrating literature to design concepts including science, technology, engineering, language and maths,  allowing students to live beyond school life experiences.

  • Design thinking process: students empathized with the characters, defined the problems,  ideated possible solutions, prototyped their plans and continuously evaluated their progress.
  • Science: Y2 students experienced the hard work growing vegetables can be and Y6 experts helped students learn about rabbits and other garden inhabitants.
  • Technology and engineering: Students designed and brought into physical reality the most varied prototypes using recycled material.
  • Language:  Not only did they learn about describing a character, but also had to apply their written and oral skills to communicate their ideas and progression broadening their vocabulary related to gardening, designing and building and materials.
  • Maths: Linked to the measurement unit we were dealing with, students applied ideas of estimation and scale when building their prototypes. They connected rabbit facts to possible distances too.

As the teachers in the project “Cracking the Code” mentioned they had noticed student modifying their usual behaviour while working in the project, we observed changes in our students too.

Children who tend to be quiet in a classroom situation, bloomed as they felt confident enough to open up and share creative ideas while working in small groups. Moreover, young learners tend to find it difficult to accept and integrate other points of view and this project fostered positive interpersonal relations, helping them mature.

We as teachers have learnt that taking risks including innovative projects in the mayhem of the year’s work can be rewarding and motivating for everyone!


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