Discovering the amazing world of Dr. Seuss – Post 4


This day has finally arrived!!

As a closure of the project students prepared a variety of activities for an open Seuss Day. Dressed in red and white they invited parents, 2nd graders, 4th graders, heads and other staff members to enter the amazing world of Dr. Seuss. The students had to choose the activity they wanted to design for that day. Maquettes representing a scene of one of the books, colouring pages with different characters, big memo tests, dominoes, floor puzzles, rhyming words game, pin the hat on the cat, were among the games they produced for their guests to enjoy. That day the hall was decorated with posters of some of Dr. Seuss bizarre characters illustrated by them, and banners with some of the author´s famous quotes they have embraced.

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This was also a great opportunity to show evidence of the hard work they had done during the entire project. There were folders with the rewriting of “The Cat in the Hat”, the description of the cat was displayed along the wall together with a picture of this outlandish character drawn by them, and there were devices for parents to appreciate the book recommendations  done in Tellagami. During the afternoon, in two different occasions, the student could show part of the work related to rhyme and rhythm they had done in drama.

IMG_0162   IMG_0263IMG_0251  IMG_0203


Parents, children and teachers had a great time! Third grades were very proud of the outcome and this is what they said..


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