Discovering the amazing world of Dr. Seuss – Post 3

Drama, IT and PSE working hand in hand.


During the project we had the privilege to work with Carolina Gallegos, our drama teacher. Inmersed in Dr. Seuss world as she was, the purpose of the activity was to explore rhyme and rhythm in “Sam I am”, one of Dr. Seuss bestsellers.

At first students had to discover the rhythm in poetry and explore it using their body. The next step was to identify the rhythm in “Sam I am”. (Dr. Seuss wrote this book with the 50 most popular English words, after a bet with a friend.)  Caro then provided the list of those 50 words for students in grupos to compose their own verse following the rhythm of the story. Students had the opportunity to show parents part of their final product in an open class day.

Enjoy the video!



A book recommendation describes, analyzes and evaluates. It conveys an opinion, supporting it with evidence from the book.

In pairs students were asked to write a recommendation of their favourite Dr. Seuss book. They brainstormed and agreed on what to write analysing the story and giving their personal opinion about it. Once the recommendation was ready they worked with an application never usted before called TELLAGAMI in which students created an avavtar and its background, and recorded their recommendations for the avatar to reproduce.

Here is an example, or two:



“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Seuss

The end of the project was getting near, it was time to reveal the sensitive side of Dr. Seuss. Camouflaged among its outlansidsh books, Dr. Seuss is reaching out to the world through his powerful phrases. These quotes have the power to inspire and reflect on love, friendship and life in general, if their message is heeded.

We chose some of these quotes and made students work in groups. We gave one quote to each group. The aim of the activity was for students to discover the meaning in the quote and discuss if they could apply it  in their lives by giving examples of any experience they have had. This was a difficult task for our students as we made them think out of the ordinary. Sharing personal experiences gives them an openness and vulnerability that empowers them and helps them grow as individuals. We then made the different groups share and explain their quotes to the rest of the class, and invited each one to give their opinion and share experiences.

Unfortunatelly we had no more time to continue with our planned activity, so this is something we have to bare in mind  for further years.  It was our intention to spread Dr. Seuss magic around the school. The idea was to make each group go to the different grades, explain their quote and leave a poster of it in each classroom so all the students in the school can feel inspired by the power in Dr. Seuss quotes.

Get ready to meet us outside the classroom walls!






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