Robotics in the early years? FINAL REFLECTIONS

Looking back at our starting point when we began thinking of how we were going to face the challenge of introducing computational thinking to our young pupils, we must say we travelled an amazing ride full of trials and errors,  steps forwards and backwards or what we now know as,“debugging” (we are so proud of our new computational vocabulary!!)in order to deliver the most appropriate lessons that would spark the children’s curiosity.

We realized that the more we got  committed  in this fascinating world of digital technology, the more the children got engaged not only as mere consumers but as potential creators.

What we can definitively affirm is that working from the concrete towards the abstract  was the key factor for the children to grasp computational thinking concepts. We spent the first semester implementing “unplugged activities” before introducing the robots to code or even a number of  apps  for them to practise coding.

The unexpected and enthusiastic response we got from our kids was such that it made us want to keep investigating, attend courses, find the best approaches, and try to implement them in order to discover empirically what worked and what did not. We put ourselves in our pupils’ shoes ,in other words,  we became co learners with them.  

Even though we  feel we are more confident to face next year’s robotics & technology workshop, we know we still have many challenges ahead, and many things to keep on learning

With the imminent move to our new campus -specifically built for the “21st century learners”-  we are convinced that only by adopting a lifelong learning mindset will we be able to provide the necessary tools needed for our pupils to come. 

We found this year Professional Development Contest as an opportunity to rediscover the learner in us and being able to enjoy  with our pupils  the thrill of discovery. How lucky we are that we dared to come out of our comfort zone!!

Until our next learning adventure….

Angie Becker, Romina Porcelli, Maria Silvina Dietsch



Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2017, Whole School

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  1. Congratulations girls!! you have done a great job!! you learned together with the children, they had fun too!! Your effort and passion have to be praised!!!!

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