Post 3 – Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution

Imagination running wild to find creative solutions

It was time to put our brains to work as a team to help our characters! Once the ideas were flowing easily the children came up with the wildest prototype plans like:

Mr McGregor helpers

  • A jumping cucumber hidden in the lettuce that would scare rabbits
  • Making rabbit traps (making sure to let the animals free in the wild later!)
  • Alarms to scare animals
  • Net catapults to trap the animals
  • A decoy vegetable with pepper inside to repel animals
  • Robots to scare the animals
  • Robots to guard the vegetables with cameras attached

Peter Rabbit helpers

  • Making secret passages under the garden to escape easily
  • Distracting the farmer while other rabbits went in
  • Scaring the farmer and putting a rope for him to fall over
  • Leaving a false trail
  • Tying the farmers shoelaces for him to fall over
  • Camouflaging with the vegetation

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They organized these ideas explaining which problem it would be addressing.

Next it was time to PROTOTYPE!

Children started building their prototypes and discovered in the process that they needed to organize their work by planning carefully what their next step would be and what materials they would need. That’s why they recorded their progress in a Prototyping Process Log.


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When their prototypes were ready, the time came to present them to the other groups. We turned the classrooms into “conference theatres” and listened to the great explanations of the prototyping process. We even provided time for the audience to ask questions about the prototype itself and the different stages of the process like choosing the materials, changing the original plan and adapting to problems they encountered.

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Here is a raw video of one of the presentations.

LINK al video

As our project came to an end we were able to watch our students igniting their creativity with their sparkle of curiosity to solve real life problems. They were able to learn continuously in their world of constant change and innovation empowered by the difficulties they had to overcome, displaying their language skills and putting into practise ideas they learnt linked to science, technology, engineering, maths, and design concepts.

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