POST 5. Robotics in the early years? Coding games

Hello everyone! We are here today to share with you our experience with the coding apps . The children loved to interact with the coding games and they felt very independent taking their own decisions. Besides, as they are very  familiar with the tablet´s  software, it was easier for them to code and learn.


We divided the whole class into two small groups so each kid could have one device and play at their own timing. Having played with the Code-a-pillar robot before, we thought it was appropriate to start with  the Code-a-pillar app game, designed to give young children an easy introduction to coding. At the same time, the children were practising sequencing, problem solving, counting and more! They loved ‘helpingʼ the code-a- pillar to solve  problems and reach the target!!



The children also got to do lots of critical thinking playing a number of coding games using the class computer and the “smartboard”. In that way, working in small groups, they could easily visualize the steps to follow and discuss the sequence of commands needed to reach a specific goal. At this stage Mirroring 360 was a very useful tool .



We wanted to take our 5 year old pupils a step further so we introduced the Scratch Jr app to them. The children were able to create simple programmes such as  stories, games and animations by moving and connecting coding blocks to control the actions of characters. They could easily identify the colour-coded categories; for example, one group of blocks control movement, another controls size, and still others control when, and how many times, an event occurs.

 On a first approach, we provided the children with  cards  with the same colour coded blocks as the app. The use of concrete material helped them  to understand the procedure better.

After that  the children were able to explore the app and they very soon understood how it worked. 


Later on, working in pairs with our guidance , they managed to make some interesting projects.


We believe it was a very good first experience for the children to  build a programme by putting together  the code blocks that are visual and can be moved around and placed with their finger in a simple way.  At the same time the children were able to  make their abstract thought processes visible on the screen and it was also  a great experience for us teachers  to  observe the children´s thinking process .Hopefully, this experience will help them later on  in primary to write a programme. by typing  in commands, functions and statements .


We gave the children a big surprise!! The Interactive table is a great way for the children to learn while having fun. They call it the BIG IPAD!!!!



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