Post 2 – Kindling Roald Dahl’s Creative Flame

Roald Dahl Through Design Thinking

Members: Veronica Gomez, Daniela Rondon and Andrea Jamieson.

Category: Making

  • Empathize

As part of our author study unit, students write a character description so as to get to know the main characters in depth and the role they play in the story. Empathy is a key word here. Children have to learn to put themselves in a character’s shoes and think about their feelings, actions, desires, and needs.  Empathizing with characters in a story and considering their course of action and its consequences helps children develop a wide range of thinking and communication skills.

Examples of Character Descriptions.

  • Define

Students got into groups according to the character chosen and came up with a list of the problems encountered by it. Through the character analysis, students were able to clearly articulate the problem they wanted to solve. This enabled them to acquire the knowledge needed to move forward with the Design Thinking Process.  

  • Ideate and Prototype

Students brainstormed different potential solutions and selected the most feasible one. After that, they sketched the prototype or prototypes needed to solve the protagonist’s problem. They started thinking about the different materials required to build the devices. Finally, they plunged into action to test if their solutions were viable or workable!!  

 Check out our ideas!


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  1. Great sketches of the creative ideas!

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