Hi everyone! Here we are one more time to share the latest activities we did in our robotics lessons with our pupils! We are thrilled to tell you that we finally took a very big step and started to make activities with real robots. Yes, read well!! After many unplugged games the children were finally able to put their previous knowledge in three different and amazing robots!


We begun with ‘Code-a- pillarʼ, an easy to connect caterpillar. The children were challenged to  connect  the functions  to make Code-a-pillar go forward, left, right  so they can get to the targets and reach their goals


The children had the opportunity to explore its functions and programme it several times. They were all amused to play with it.

Later on,we presented another robot, named ‘Cubettoʼ. 


The children  dramatized being Cubetto, and they had lots of fun giving instructions to a friend! The children enjoyed playing with Cubetto and learning to code at the same time!!


Finally, a new robot came to our special lessons! In this case it  was ‘Bee-Bot.


As the name says, BeeBot is a little bee. This one, has 2 new commands, ‘pauseʼ and
‘go backwardsʼ. .


As the  children found it difficult  to programme Beebot, we provided them with some concrete material to make it easier for them to visualize the sequence of commands before pressing the buttons in the robot.


We  added a little basket  at the back and we transformed   bee bot into a caterpillar. The children  had to   programme the sequence of the very well known story “The very hungry caterpillar”. Bee bot had to collect the food in the little basket according to the sequence . It was a great way to combine literacy with coding.

This experience has been  great and we are very proud of our little programmers. Thanks for taking the time to read, we love to share this learning experience together with our pupils! Until the next post!




Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2017, Whole School

2 replies

  1. Lots of thinking whlie “playing” with such attractive and fun robots!

  2. Thank you Candy!!

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