Post 2- Maker’s Time: Igniting Learning by Making

Members:  Marta Nattkemper, Alejandra Quaglia,

Category: Making

Once students chose the product they were willing to construct, they filled a form including materials and resources required to carry out the project. Students were engaged and motivated watching a variety of tutorials to be able to achieve their goals.  

Using the analogy of taking a trip, they had to figure things out before the departure.  At this point they knew which would be the final destination and the means of transport.  They were still uncertain about how they would get there and how long they would stay.

There was only one way of finding this out…Let’s watch them at work.


At first they thought that some tutorials looked simple enough but when implementing them, either they were not too clear or not properly explained so they naturally searched for better options with little teacher guidance.


While their learning was in action, they showed skills that are not always evident in a traditional classroom, such as drawing, measuring, and cutting cardboard patiently with scissors, gluing and assembling their project. They were fully engaged with their tools and materials and in some cases showed patience and persistence when a problem arose, considering it more a challenge than a problem.


Most of them took the initiative when they encountered obstacles and tried to find a solution while a few were discouraged and easily gave up. Some of the difficulties were caused either by not reading instructions carefully, lack of precision when measuring and/or cutting the cardboard.

They looked for teacher and peer support or guidance asking for suggestions on new strategies and techniques to be able to continue.

These are some of the students’ projects:

Simon shows us his home projector

The process

How he solved problems

Santiago and his vending machine


Lucho trying Little Bits Code Kit


Students documented their performance while carrying out their project. They recorded obstacles they encountered and how they solved them, their frustrations, their successes, their satisfactions and their curiosity to know more.

Documenting by Simon:

  • At the beginning I thought  I would not be able to do it.
  • I am doing it now and it starts to look nice.
  • I put all the tape around it and I can’t open it, I cut it to make a little door.
  • When I finished it, the phone couldn’t stand alone so I made a stand for it with a piece of telgopor and two rubber bands.
  • When it was all finished it fell and  the lens broke in the border. I am trying to find a way to fix it to use the same lens because they are hard to get.

This is Simon’s whole document where he keeps record of his performance.

In the third post we will be showing finished projects and read about students’ and teachers’ reflections.

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