Post 3 – Food For Thought

STEP 2 – foodforthought

The next step for our Y5 students was to apply their expertise in the different food groups. To that effect, they planned to cook a recipe which  contained elements of their food group.

Counting on the valuable cooking knowledge that, Carolina Ponzo, our academic secretary has on this field, each group analysed and modified a delicious recipe on Oatmeal Cookies to contain elements of their food group in it.

Once at the lab, students mixed, stirred, poured, tasted dough and off they were sent to Caro’s oven for baking…

D-day arrived when it was time to taste the final product…  Some were too hard or too chewy to eat… Others were too spicy or too yucky to swallow!  All in all, students had an incredible experience as they could analyse, design, experience, redesign, draw conclusions and enjoy their creations.



Step 2 – Food For Thought from Olivospkids on Vimeo.

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