Blog Post 2 – Food For Thought

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Nurture is a word which is directly linked to our earliest moments of life. It is intrinsically associated with growth, protection and love. While we grow, our parents are the ones who care for the latter by choosing the best options for us to be fed. In year 5, our students start facing the challenge of analysing all the elements which make up the scheme which leads to a healthy nutrition programme. 

This project’s takeoff involved having our students looking into “My Plate”, the current nutrition guide published by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. After that, they investigated the nutrition guide which applies for our country called ”Plato Saludable Argentino”. Our Year 5 students became experts on one food group, focused their investigation on the 5 food groups and wrote reports on their discoveries. Later they switched groups and each expert shared their expertise. Finally, they concluded that while the food groups have evolved as knowledge in the nutrition field has increased, their function remains the same — to help us make healthy food choices.

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