Hello, it’s us again!  In this opportunity we want to share more of the unplugged activities we did in the past month with our ‘techie’ pupils! 😉 We kept on  presenting  developmentally appropriate games and activities in which children explored some of the concepts involved in coding in ways that were meaningful to them.

Algorithm coding activity.

This time, we chose a literacy activity with a very well known story “We’re going on a bear hunt” for them to continue working with algorithms. 

We started by telling the story to the children and then dramatizing  it following the sequence of events with the different sounds and corresponding actions.


Once they got familiar with the story we started retelling it and creating an algorithm on a grid on the floor with arrows connecting the events.



For the children  to explore coding further, we provided them  with an individual  grid and commands (arrows) so they could work at their pace creating their own coding story.

Robot turtles.

We also played with the children another unplugged activity called Robot turtles.. A great board game that teaches the fundamentals of programming in a fun way 

When the children  play it, they are essentially solving problems as they help their turtles to reach their destinations by making a series of decisions while creating a code and in that way getting familiar with the different functions like FORWARD, LEFT or RIGHT. There is no need to worry about making a mistake because there is a “Bug Tile” to undo a move.( DEBUGGING)

 The teacher acts as  the “Turtle Mover” who must do whatever the child “Turtle Master” says by performing fun computer-noises like “BEEP” and “DO-DOOT” which the children very much enjoy.

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