The Tisel project – entry #2

Categories: Digital curriculum, Values

Members: Paula Barberis, Sofía Stead


About Tisel’s design

We wanted to create a friendly character that embodied the values of St. Andrew’s Scots School, and portrayed the school spirt.
Tisel­ was designed using two main visual references: the thistle flower – one of the school’s symbols – and the characters in the app game Dumb Ways to Die, which has become very popular.

Visual references-01


Tisel shares St. Andrew’s colour scheme.
These are some of the first sketches:
Sketches and colour scheme-01


Tisel was then drawn digitally. Here are some of its first versions:

Previous versions.jpg


Once the final design was chosen, a series of expressions were created, for potential use on other graphic material.



This led to the idea of combining Tisel with the very well-known and loved memes, which would probably make it more appealing to the older students.




Meme Tisel was used for the Extended Essay presentation, for instance, to explain different approaches to investigation, and various ways in which we (all) procrastinate.

Y11- Encuentro #1 :

Y11- Encuentro #1


Tisel is now in every classroom in the Secondary school buildings, reminding students and teachers about what academic honesty means

Tisel poster for SS:

Afiche tisel cómo citar


Tisel posters for MS:

slides para powerpoint-05slides para powerpoint-06slides para powerpoint-09

Our next objective is to work on making Tisel part of the school culture. Content creation is something we wish to promote, and we intend on leading our students by example.









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