Robotics in the yearly years?

Hello! Here we are again!! We want to share the activities we have been doing in the “Robotics & Technology” workshop.

How to teach coding in a developmentally appropriate way for very young children? We thought it was best to start unplugged!!!


TALKING ABOUT ROBOTS… How do robots work?

Talking about robots and thinking how robots work and in what ways they move. The children got very excited and engaged at once!!



After a long discussion, the children realized that ‘behind’ every robot, there was a ‘human being’ who tells them what to do. They were astonished !! They were about to become ‘programmers’…but first they needed to learn the commands to code.



MOVE LIKE A ROBOT! The children took turns in which one was the robot and the other the programmer:


WALKING ALGORITHMS!! By the way, for the ones like us who didn’t know… We are now proud to tell you that an algorithm is a step by step set of operations need to reach a goal. As the saying goes… Live and learn!!

This activity helped them link physical actions to written code.

PIRAT ALGORITHM ACTIVITY . Working in pairs on a grid with commands (forward, left, right arrows). This role-play made the children understand the concept of the command into physical actions and directions allowing them to internalize the process of coding.

DRAW YOUR MAP! The children write the code using the functions (arrows) to program:

DISCOVER THE CODE: The children practise counting the grid to then write the code.


We will be posting more activities in our blog… Wait and see… there are much more games to come. We really enjoy sharing our lessons with you!!

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