The Tisel project

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Members: Paula Barberis, Sofía Stead


We created Tisel©. Tisel is a character that embodies the values of Saint Andrew’s Scots School: Integrity, Respect and Responsibility. It is modelled after the Thistle flower and it symbolizes what we expect our students to become.

How does Tisel promote the values?

Having INTEGRITY means being totally honest and truthful in every part of your life. 

Tisel asks that every student at SASS show what part of their work is theirs and what portion came from someone else’s work.

We show RESPECT by considering and taking seriously other peoples’ feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and needs.

Tisel reminds every student that when having an idea, the creator has put a lot of effort and knowledge into that idea. As creators, we need to give credit where credit is due.

RESPONSIBILITY means accepting the consequences of your actions.

Tisel warns us: if and when we fail to recognize someone else’s work as their own, there are consequences to be faced. While at school, these consequences range from academic to disciplinary. When in the real world, these consequences might well be legal.

This is Tisel:

Cara-02 (2).png


Outline of the project:

The Tisel Project presentation corregido

What has already happened:

  • Tisel was registered as intellectual property of Saint Andrew’s Scots School. Tisel has an e-mail address and a Twitter account.
  • Tisel was introduced to the Middle School students.
  • Tisel is now in every classroom in the Secondary school buildings, reminding students and teachers on what academic honesty means. There are two formats (Tisel MS and Tisel SS).
  • Tisel was introduced to Y11 students as part of their Extended Essay process. It has a meme version with tutorials on how to cite appropriately and how to format a formal presentation.
  • Tisel also has an “Anti-procrastination campaign” with visual aids to help students when dealing with multiple deadlines and the dangers of plagiarism.

What does the future look like for Tisel?

  • We want to create an Idea centre, that would foster maker projects, solution fluency and the underlying concept that, as responsible digital citizens, we need to create content and not just be passive about the abundance of information out there.
  • And Tisel needs to grow more. We plan to extend the project to Primary and Kindergarden. 🙂

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3 replies

  1. We would love Tisel to visit Y2 at Olivos!!
    Some of the girls in 2C even suggested planting Thisltes in the secret garden, we should have “our flower” in the school gardens!

  2. Awwww it would be so cute to have thistles around. Sadly, it is a seasonal Summer plant… we never get to see it.
    Tisel will visit 2C in Olivos!!!! It’s a date!

  3. We did it! Thank you for visiting our Y2 classrooms today! We enjoyed it a lot! And learnt new “long words”!

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