Post 1:Creating new worlds… City X

Team: Patricia Dillon, Mercedes Casserly, Paz Piaggio

What if there was another planet that needed our help to solve their problems?

  • What would happen if you were presented with an issue and you had to invent or design an original object that would help somebody else?
  • How would you feel if that object would come to life by the end of the project?
  • Are you ready to face the challenge and follow all the necessary steps required in the process?

This is the way in which we opened our Workshop, and introduced City X project to our students.  City X is a project that encourages students to work as a creative team, to empathize with others and to design and build objects that will help others to solve their problem.


Why City X?

We faced a big challenge this year. The 70% of our students had signed up for Choir during one of our morning periods.  The rest of our students were left in their classrooms, dreading to ask what they were supposed to do during those periods, when the rest were singing.  Therefore we had to think of an activity designed to challenge our students, to make them think, but at the same time it should be fun and it had to entertain them,  We needed a space where students would be able to discuss, create, try new things, share ideas, and have fun.  All this would take place in a relaxed atmosphere, outside the boundaries of the  classroom and the contents and syllabuses connected to it.  Our biggest aim was to surprise our students, to invite them to explore and     create    !

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” Ken Robinson.

What does the project consist of?

Each student is presented with an issue that represents a real-life problem the different characters in City X have. Our students, through the Design Process, will invent, design, and prototype something that will solve their problem.  In other words, they will be expected to tackle the problem, to understand the human needs, to brainstorm ideas,  to make decisions and test apparent solutions. Finally students will be printing  their prototype in the school’s 3d printer.


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