Designing Learning Pathways

Members: Patricia Dillon, Marta Nattkemper, Alejandra Quaglia
Category: Digital Curriculum


Is it possible to design our own Adaptive Learning System?

Our students have been successfully working for four years with i-Ready, an adaptive online assessment and instruction program for reading comprehension.

What is online adaptive learning? An online educational system that adapts to each student, providing relevant content, a personalised learning path and significant data  for the teacher.

Benefits of adaptive learning:

  • Allows teachers to differentiate instruction
  • Improves student understanding of key concepts
  • Identifies learning gaps
  • Increases engagement
  • Allows students to work at their own pace
  • Provides immediate and relevant feedback
  • Frees up time for class discussions and activities

Students move along their own interactive learning experience which can be monitored by educators who receive real time insights of their progress.

Inspired on the use of i-Ready and after searching unsuccessfully for a similar option for our Language curriculum, we came across Smart Sparrow, a platform that allows us to design  our own adaptive Language programme to embrace all the benefits of adaptive learning. We will design and program our own courseware which will cater for individual student’s needs through its interactive components.

We will create adaptive pathways, directing our students to remedial resources or offering them more content to stretch their knowledge. Once in action, we will have powerful insights into what students are learning and how. The data provided will also allow us to modify the adaptive content and improve students’ outcomes.

In the following posts we will describe how we are creating the learning pathways especially tailored for the different students including exercises, feedback and adaptive components.  





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