Punta Chica Kindergarten

Robotics & Technology Workshop

Romina Porcelli

Angeles Becker

Silvina Dietsch

Age group: 3, 4 and 5 year olds

We’ve been overwhelmed since the moment we were told at school about the idea of a workshop on robotics and technology for very young children. We felt so skeptical about it at first … Nevertheless, as we are passionate about teaching and learning, we decided to take this project as a personal challenge. We took it as a provocation for us to co-learn about the subject with the children.

We started off by researching Robots/coding apps/robotics and coding literacy, so as to open our minds to the unexpected possibilities that the children might want to explore and therefore make clear pedagogical choices. Our goal was to help them foster their curiosity for the technological world, and the understanding of computational thinking concepts.

Research shows that young children can learn programming at a very early age, that’s why we wanted to give them developmentally appropriate materials for them to manipulate, explore and engage in playful learning. We know without a doubt that young children learn with all their senses so we decided to start with unplugged activities using their bodies first, and only then start using screens and writing programs (coding).

We are embracing this new workshop not only as an opportunity to teach the children, but also as a chance to keep up and learn ourselves what seems to be the language of the future.

We´d like to share this amazing learning journey with you!

Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2017, Whole School

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  1. Girls, I m so proud of your effort and your desire to learn!!

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