How might we learn together?

We could work alongside each other (staff, students, parents…) in order to design solutions to authentic global problems.

Some detail:

  1. We form a team of learners where everyone has equal status.
  2. We search for challenges, perhaps using, to find ones that peak the passions and interests of the learners in our team.
  3. We learn about design thinking and apply these principles to generate ideas, develop prototypes, and reach proposed solutions to our challenges.
  4. We challenge communities in other schools (I have some schools from the UK, Thailand, and China in mind) to also work on the challenges we are working on, some healthy competition, and an opportunity to grow our network of learners.
  5. We blog everything, and share our solutions with the world via the digital community.
  6. Together we learn about global issues, new technologies, design thinking, and each other… and maybe create some really innovative cool solutions to real, authentic challenges.

Step 1 – build a team…

I look forward to evolving this idea with you!



Categories: Professional Development Contest 2017

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