Infinity has no boundaries….infinity is open to be explored non end….infinity embraces innumerable possibilities to investigate, to be surprised, to amaze others, to ask new questions and seek for new answers.

We opened this year with a mission to be accomplished…with the aim of reaching certain goals while motivating our students to let their own curiosity lead them to acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Our students’ presentations during the SASS (St Andrew’s Space Station) not only showed the answers to their questions, but also showed the results of giving them the freedom to choose the ways in which they wanted to share these with others.

In awe, all guests walked from stand to stand, listening…learning…watching each student´s enthusiasm as they welcomed them to their stands.

Ipads and netbooks were made available depending on  how each team had decided to present their investigation.  QR codes and AURASMA codes left their guests flabbergasted as they pointed at th emwith the ipads, and videos, images and information popped out of each poster using the latest technology!

Others gave their stands a very artistic touch.  They created their own projector which implied making their satnd as dark as possible and finding ways of writing the infomation from back to front so they could be read as they were projected!  Models of spaceships, control centres for communications and a TV screen were others of their own creations.

Their knowledge was shared in both languages and their information was expressed accordingly when the audience was either too young (the Froggies) or in need of further explanation.

The heat of the day made them quickly improvise a way of keeping their guests comfortable by making paper fans for them!

Their constant assessment of knowledge after each presentation was something they kept secret from us, their teachers, until that very same day.  As we walked around, we were asked to draw what we had learnt, to write a paragraph about what had been the most interesting fact, to give suggestions about how their stand could have been improved and about what else we would have liked to learn.

With PRIDE and JOY, our students gave closure to what was a magnificent voyage to infinity and beyond!!!

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Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016

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