It is time to reflect….time to look back and feel really proud of our Year 6 students.20161201_140759.jpg

As teachers, one of our dreams is to see  all those instructions we drill into our students year after year in action. We expect them to have their agendas ready,  to show notes without being asked to do so,  to open folders to start the day´s work, to reflect on their mistakes, to sit with a peer to assess each other….and so many other things.

But when you visit their stands at the St Andrew’s Space Station and you hear the following phrases, you are once again amazed at how students always go beyond your expectations!!!

With joy we celebrated how, many of our main objectives of their primary years had been fully reached and even surpassed!

“ This student changed the words of her presentation in English so I could understand what she was saying”, Spanish 6th year teacher Paraphrasing


“I had to switch to Spanish because a granny did not speak English. It was difficult for me, but I made it!”, one of our students Flexibility


“Write a phrase that shows something you learnt and make a picture of it” Extracting main ideas
“Read the following information. You will then answer questions and play a game.” Reading comprehension
“Comments: Write what you liked the most and what we can improve on…”, one of the teams had this in a poster. Reflection and metacognition
“We decided that we will merge our information into one presentation”, 6A and 6B students, when put together to work on the final details. Posters Team work ,


 “I learnt a lot in their stands and when i played the games I realised how much I had learnt”, 5th grader that visited the exhibition. Playing a game to learn



…And all guests took the students’ assessment seriously.  Here are some of their productions during the SASS!

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