6. House of sticks: We made it stick!

20161205_114422Our house of sticks is finally ready!

After many more hours than we had ever anticipated the house is ready and sitting in the playground at Punta Chica. The children enjoyed playing in it during the last couple of days at school.


We came back to our classes  with the very first question from our list back in September: “Do you think it is easy , somewhat easy or difficult to make a house of sticks?” This time around the answer was a categorical “VERY DIFFICULT!” from everyone. They learnt from experience.

Our initial goal of trying to incorporate a problem based  outlook to our lessons stuck. Getting children to solve problems independently also stuck. Allowing the children and their ideas to take the lead in solving issues that arose as we progressed stuck as well.

As far as where our house will end up … Pauli Saubidet has contacted Camila Vilcinskas from RedSa to find out which of the sister organizations in RedSa might benefit most from it. We hope to get an answer soon so some other children can enjoy the house as much as we enjoyed carrying out this project!


Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016, Punta Chica

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