Astronaut Nacho Merljak ready for take off!

Only 10 days away from the SASS (St Andrew’s Space Station) take off!

The future astronauts are busy working on the final details to make, of this mission, a total success!

SOLAR SYSTEM SCALE MODEL:  Considering the space available on the walls of our school hall, the children decided that the best scale would be the 1cm to 3000 km scale, making the Sun slightly below 5 metres and Mercury just about 2cm.

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AURASMA:  How many of us knew of the existence of this possibility of having a “real” person speak to you flawlessly about something?

Well, our 6th graders are using Aurasma, an app that allows you to do that. You point your device at a picture, and a video pops up with information.
a.  Your presentation is delivered once and properly.
b.  It can be repeated as many times as you like.
c.  Students don´t get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.
d.  They can add side information as the video speaks.

THANK YOU ART ATTACK!:  Busy with their stands, children design their space and keep their hands busy with paper, cardboard, paint, glue and more! Their own creativity summed to all they have learnt during their ART ATTACK workshop is shaping their presentations.

TECHNOLOGY …. A MUST!  Our experts in technology have been checking the right functioning of all programmes involved for a successful take off.



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Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016, Science/Math/Technology

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