Year 5 students have taken control of their own learning as they took ownership of these projects they have not just designed but defined!i-learn

To begin, students had to frame their problem so they could better empathize with the Ancient Greek civilization. They took part in a “Gallery walk” and examined different posters about Ancient Greece, they asked themselves questions and recorded different observations.

From this “Gallery walk” students were able to define a variety of topics to focus on… After choosing a topic of their interest and sharing a first brainstorming session, students realized that to be able to identify a specific need in the Ancient Greek world, they had to do some background research. Therefore, using different research techniques, they collected information and worked as ethnographers to explore, discover and interpret the Ancient Greek culture. Once students knew more about it, they were able to identify problems or needs the Ancient Greek civilization had.  They figured out which questions to ask and what problems were worth solving.

The second part of the process was to imagine. Students had to brainstorm different ideas that could solve any need or problem that the Greeks could have had. During this part students had to defer judgment, be open to different ideas, listen actively and build on the ideas of others so as to be able to choose the best solution.

Click to watch Video 1 – Gods and Goddesses

Click to watch Video 2 – Theatre

Once the product was defined, the third phase was to make. The product that they wanted to take to Ancient Greece had to become tangible. Students had to develop a prototype, listen to feedback, make changes, redesign it and try it out again.

Year 5 students have taken control of their own learning as they took ownership of these projects they have not just designed but defined!

Click to watch presentation!

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