Roald Dahl 6: Behind the scenes! Our learning journey to create the virtual museum.

Here is a step-by-step summary of all the work we have been doing behind our virtual museums. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Meeting the author. In order to know more about Roald Dahl, we read about his life and created a Web, using the app Inspiration. We  analyzed his objectives and strategies when writing his stories.


  • The Minpins. We read this great story as a jumpstart for our Author Study. Roald Dahl made up the names of different creatures that live in The Forest of Sin. Based on the invented words he used, we illustrated the creatures using different techniques.



  • We started analyzing illustrations while we were working on The Minpins. We looked at the picture in the book that shows Billy running away from The Spitter and orange, yellow and red smoke and flames billowing behind him. We asked the students to say the first word that came to their minds. We looked at the colours and discussed their importance.
  • The students created their own work of art using only colours to express their feelings. We had an art gallery exhibition where we shared our work and we wrote how we felt while looking at the drawings.
  • Winter Reader: The students had to choose one of Dahl’s stories to read during the winter break. When we came back, they had to choose their favourite character and describe it. Then, they had to dress up and make a video.  They had to include  the emotions the character goes through in the story.


    Analyzing Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl’s favourite illustrator)

  • The visit of a specialist! Digital Illustrator Felicitas Tomkinson visited our class and showed us her technique. We compared her work to Quentin Blake’s.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Merging both techniques! Students made their own illustrations of the creatures in James and the Giant Peach in the manner of Quentin Blake. This time used an ipad app that allowed them to create their own digital illustrations. img_0024


  • Our own Art Gallery! Students recreated Quentin Blake’s style by illustrating the BFG, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker to include in their virtual museum.

James and the Giant Peach:

  • A new aunt for James:  In pairs , students created a new aunt for James. They had to describe and illustrate the new character.


  • In groups students chose one of the bugs from James and the Giant Peach,  looked for information about it, and shared information with the class. 

Giving my opinion about Roald Dahl’s stories: After working in stations where we analyzed different stories, the students made a voice recording with a reflection about the story they had read.

Here you can check out one of the audio files!

How I felt after reading Roald Dahl’s books: Students invented a word that expresses their feelings after reading Roald Dahl stories.

Bringing a shaft of light! Based on the idea of MINDSET, students worked on the concept of EMPATHY. As part of our final outcome children will create murals in the fashion of Quentin Blake to decorate the library of Escuela 26 in San San Fernando  and bring a shaft of light in an otherwise bleak environment. Students will also choose their favourite Roald Dahl book and buy a copy in Spanish to donate for the school’s library, so that 4th graders next year can also enjoy this marvellous author.

We are now working on the final items of our project! We will keep you posted!

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