SCIMATHS 2016: Learning about Hydroponics from an expert


WHY HYDROPONICS? When Dr James Reilly, former astronaut from Nasa gave a talk about the future mission to Mars, the children that were present came back wanting to know more about what he called “THE FARMING OF THE FUTURE”.

Because of the atmospheric conditions, he said, people in Mars would have to grow their vegetables underground or inside special modules, using this farming method which requires no earth and very little water.

Our SASS (St Andrew’s Space Station) is about to open its doors.  A group from our crew are busy organising themselves to teach guests all about what they learnt through Dr Reilly and the experts in Hydroponia, Anselmo and Marina Soto.

Following is the slide show used on the day of their visit and a link to the video where students share their first impressions, what impacted them the most….and even how they have shared what they learnt, at home and even started their own hydroponic gardens!






EXPERIMENTING:  Following is the transcript of the dialogue which started when we walked into the class with the roots of the arugula we had eaten for lunch that day….

Student: “Look! What the tea20161113_162441-collagecher brought, was grown by hydroponia!”

Teacher: “Why do you say that?”

Various students: “Because the roots are very white and clean.”

Student: “We could plant them and see what happens.”

Teacher: “Let me send Anselmo a message to see if he thinks we can grow arugula from these roots, now that the leaves have been eaten.”

The answer was YES! YOU CAN TRY!

Student: “But we don´t have the elements they said we need.”

Teacher:  “Let´s be creative!”

While the students continued working in their groups, their ideas and questions helped to put together our first school hydroponic plantation of arugula.  While five coffee cups were cut to replace the little baskets used for the germinated vegetables, questions such as…

“But how will we make the water circulate?”

“But the water from the tap doesn´t have the necessary minerals…”

…confirmed that all about hydroponic farming had been a true and motivating learning experience.

Now we have to wait and see if they grow as crunchy, flavoury and scented as they say they will.







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  1. Super interesante!!!!

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