3 House of Sticks: ONE STICK AT A TIME (House In Progress)

img_1012On Friday September 9th seven first grade parents accepted our invitation to come to school. The idea was that the experts would answer the questions that the children had come up with as we tried to build our House of Sticks. The children proposed we invite parents who were knowledgeable, therefore we ended up with a team of engineers, architects and two dads who had already made tree houses at home with their children.

Their questions were:

  1. How can we keep the sticks from falling?
  2. How can we hold the sticks together?
  3. Can we use LA GOTITA to build the house?
  4. How can we make a door, a roof and the floor?
  5. How can we make a window?

Loads of information was provided. The experts suggested we start off with a firm structure and then add siding and a roof. At this point we are still at the MAKE A FIRM STRUCTURE stage.img_1014

The experts shared advice about using nails and a hammer, providing support for corners using triangles, measuring for the purpose of the house and using material for doors “indian-style”.

The weather was on our side , allowing us to enjoy the end of Friday afternoon on the field.

Take a look!

Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016

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