SCIMATHS 2016: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND – Our Mission’s Next Steps


Witnessing the space walk live was the first big step into our new mission.  Students then exchanged ideas, thoughts, questions and curiosities in their groups, while writing what:


in the stars which would then be part of the talking wall put up in the school’s corridor.

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While giving us a lot of information about the students’ previous knowledge, reading their stars also allowed us to plan ahead, taking their interests and curiousities into account.

It was made evident that to help NASA reach out to young students; our 6th graders were intrigued to learn about what happens IN a SPACE STATION and OUT of it, before offering their contributions to this cause!

Aware of the little they knew about SPACE STATIONS, Astronaut Suni Williams’ tour around the ISS, provided them with some interesting facts about the work being done there; their daily routines and responsibilities; the comforts and hardships of being an astronaut and other anecdotes which surprised our students and made them giggle more than once.


As they watched the video they completed the blanks in a text including the most relevant information.

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New questions were asked…all left unanswered, with the only purpose of motivating them to do all the necessary research to find the answers to their own questions!

Please CLICK to see worksheet: ISSvideo

Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016, Science/Math/Technology

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