2 House of Sticks: Make it happen!

IMG_5320The children in First Grade have started thinking about how to build their HOUSE OF STICKS. Their first reaction was to assume it would be sooo easy… when they got to it with short sticks to plan a model they met quite a challenge! They are changing their minds as we go. We are currently brainstorming ideas about our task such as

  • where to get the sticks we need
  • how to keep them together
  • who can help us with ideas

So far so good! We already tackled the first (short and sweet) writing assignment in the didactic sequence in the hopes of solving the problem of our building supplies.


“Hello Miss Moira (…) We Need your help. Can you bring big sticks to make a home? Please, thank you.”

Below is a link to a short blog post that is adding to our ideas and progress in the matter. The issue of asking thought inducing questions has become vital!

From www.edutopia.org: “Why Making is Essential to Learning”

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