Students visit Admin house

As a school and particularly in the HR area, we always welcome new initiatives that may integrate staff from different sectors, help to know and understand us better and promote interpersonal relationships,  so the idea of having  students “visit” offices in Administration and HR, immediately generated a lot of enthusiasm in both our teams.

A group of year 10 Business class students visited Administration to deep dive into the school’s back office.  The proposed activity consisted of a brief summary of the different roles and tasks in the administration of any school and, afterwards, students were divided into groups. Each group visited a particular section: Billing, Finance, Procurement, Accounts Payable where they were given a short introductory talk and then asked to do a small task related to the area.

“..It was an enriching experience for us, we enjoyed the questions and interest shown by the students and hope that the little insight of their school could be of use to them. “…

Last week another group of year 12 IB students visited HR offices as they are following the Human Resources syllabus on planning, organizational structure, leadership, motivation, contingency planning and employer and employee relations.

There was also a brief introduction on the strategic objectives of HR area and then once again students were invited to participate in smaller groups according to their preference with 3 different case studies:

  1. a) conduct an interview within a real life recruitment process
  2. b) review the present organizational climate survey
  3. c) understand the administrative process behind a payslip and the complexity of different stakeholders such as unions, government and tax authorities, etc.

We noticed that, when divided in smaller groups and experiencing real life scenarios, students became actively involved in the activities proposed, making relevant questions and suggestions which enriched us both ways. They were encouraged to suggest new ideas and propose changes and we felt they got a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in their own school´s work environment.

It felt great to interact with the teacher as well because together we came up with follow up ideas for their next lesson such as: students input when hiring a teacher, input on a secondary teachers profile and job description, and an exercise on possible benefits for staff to be developed within a given budget.

It was a refreshing & stimulating experience in a normal workday.  Having been invited to be part of a classroom allowed us to be involved with the core mission of our school and hopefully contributed as well to promote work relationships and school climate.

We thank the Business Dept. team for the initiative!blog

Categories: Economics, Secondary School

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  1. From the classroom to the real world!

  2. Great way to really understand the theory

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