Weaving Game-based Learning with the Writing Process


How would students react if they had a real audience that would, not only read their productions, but also experience them, and enjoy them? Could we have students feel the desire to improve their writing as they feel the excitement of getting a response from their readers? Could we have students feel the need of getting immediate feedback from their peers?

We feel this interaction is possible, and it is exactly what we have been aiming at for some time.  Once our fantasy stories had been written we noticed students not always went back to them, and stories were often forgotten. We needed to “do something” with the stories and this is our challenge this year:  

Motivate our students to write for an actual audience, who will need to resort to their stories since they have to solve a real problem; this will put them in a situation of having to really think about their audience in the first place, together with their purpose, organization, and word choice to achieve this.  

Moreover, we strongly believe that game based learning is a powerful tool in the classroom that produces disruptive innovations in the learning process. We also know about the potential of learning with games because they  embrace exploration, discovery, creation, collaboration, and problem-solving, while they naturally create meaningful situations which help team-building.


So why not weave game based learning with the writing process?

Is it possible? Can we think out of the box?


Members of the Team:  Patricia Dillon, Marta Nattkemper, Alejandra Quaglia

Mentor:  Paula Tripodi

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