How do we engage our students to be proactive learners? How do we bring the real world into our classroom? How do we decide what and how to communicate?


This Year 8 Project, which integrates English Language and Information Technology, seeks to provide an answer to these questions.

Within the PBL frame, Y8 will investigate the features, conventions and purpose of news reports and articles from different online news sites. They will learn about the structure, language and newsworthiness of articles, and research about the workings of news companies and editorials.

The main goal is to create an online news site and produce original news reports of authentic school events and publish them through a genuine media form. The students will organise their own news company, each of them taking on specific reporting and editorial roles to report the events taking place at Saint Andrew’s for the various sections of a news site: Front Page, Politics, Economy and Finance, Community, Entertainment, Society, Science and Technology and Culture. In doing so, they will face the challenges and obstacles present in real life when working for a specific final product, an excellent opportunity to refurbish their IT and English Language skills and knowledge.

Team Members:  Mariu Lopez Gibson, Cecilia Cervi

Mentor: Valeria Pietronave

Categories: English, ICT, Professional Development Contest 2016, Secondary School

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