ImPRESSing History

History Y8 students work to acquire knowledge, understanding and explanation of historical facts among several objectives. This requires many activities like reading, analyzing, interpreting texts, documents, historical maps, testimonies and illustrations of the period studied.

We thought we could also add a craft activity (in the Makerspace) in which they could recreate a specific object of the theme studied. As we will be working on the unit of Renaissance and Discoveries, we proposed  students the challenge of recreating an invention of that period.

Gutenberg’s press was chosen and so the challenge began!!

What is a printing press? How does it work? What changes introduced the arrival and development of printing in Europe during Modernity?

These questions came from the boys in their History classes and with the help of internet, wood and many willing hands, we started to work on the project of creating and producing a printing press!

Among sawdust, various materials , creativity, patience and desire to learn, we continued with this project that evaluates the contents learned in History  differently. We have advanced quite a lot, incorporating new technologies such as 3D printer for making the labels to be used in printing.

Let’s keep working and learning!

Julia Moretti (History Teacher) and Alejandro Ruiz (ICT Teacher)




Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016, Secondary School

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  1. Will they be printing something?

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