Wisdom begins in wonder

Ancient Greece through Design and Technology

“Creation is the heart of creativity and is only meaningful when grounded in action – it’s not a feeling, a mindset, or an outcome. But it can be developed…”

Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager.

Ancient Greece through Design and Technology” comes from our belief that children learn by doing, by making… by tinkering. Knowledge is a consequence of experience and through design and technology we plan to offer our students the opportunity to develop skill, knowledge and understanding by exploring, solving problems, creating, designing and making  meaningful products that would serve a purpose within the Ancient Greek society if they were to live there. Taking a leaf out of “Makerspaces”, which is all about self-directed learning, the Y5 students at St. Andrew’s Olivos will have the opportunity to leave their traditional classroom settings behind and learn by doing, while solving problems that arise when working on their design.

Ancient Greece has played a key role in the development of the modern western culture. Their legacy is huge and ranges from philosophy and education to science and architecture. Working with Greek culture will provide our Year 5 students with important features that emerged at the time and still influence our students’ lives today. Therefore, we think that using this learning style as the core approach to our Unit of Ancient Greece, will allow our students to actually experience life at the time, apply what they have learnt, and reach the enduring understandings we are aiming at.



think itTeachers responsible for conducting this project: Andrea Jamieson,Daniela Rondon, and Anne Hopwood

Mentor: Patsy Dillon

Categories: Primary School, Professional Development Contest 2016

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