Month: July 2016

Piloto Automático… mode OFF!

“In Mindfulness one is not only restful and happy, but alert and awake.” Thich Nhat Hanh Jon Kabat-Zinn* define Mindfulness como “prestar atención de manera intencional al momento presente, sin juzgar”. Mindfulness -o Atención Plena- hace referencia al conjunto de prácticas dirigidas a tomar… Read More ›


  How do we engage our students to be proactive learners? How do we bring the real world into our classroom? How do we decide what and how to communicate?   This Year 8 Project, which integrates English Language and… Read More ›

ImPRESSing History

History Y8 students work to acquire knowledge, understanding and explanation of historical facts among several objectives. This requires many activities like reading, analyzing, interpreting texts, documents, historical maps, testimonies and illustrations of the period studied. We thought we could also… Read More ›

Medios para Comunicar

Se espera que los alumnos sean capaces de generar, distribuir y analizar información de forma creativa. Lo significativo de formar a los alumnos en el desarrollo de dichas capacidades, responde a las características del mundo en donde se encuentran insertos…. Read More ›