Y2 Embarks on a Worldwide Adventure with Felix

Members of the team:   Verónica Gómez, Milagros Shaw de Estrada, Candy San Martino

Mentor:   Marta Nattkemper

Brief description

This year we decided to change the lens through which we usually approach the Social Studies unit “Around the world with Felix”.  We presented the historic and geographical contents of the unit  through integrated cross-curricular activities that engaged our students in questioning, problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on activities,  providing them with a more challenging cognitive, learning experience.book cover

Our project is inspired on the children’s book “Letters from Felix”, where Felix is a stuffed rabbit who gets lost in a crowded airport when his owner Sophie and her family fly home from a trip. As Sophie returns home, Felix embarks on an international tour, communicating with Sophie via five letters. The letters, tucked into envelopes attached to the book’s pages, detail the rabbit’s adventures in Paris, Cairo, Rome, Kenya, and New York City.

While reading the book, our Y2 students learnt about many interesting cultures, their differences and similarities and how these determine people’s lifestyles, customs and traditions. We believe that learning about our own identity, history, culture, and how we relate to other humans on this planet is essential to living within a modern society. Consequently, as in the book Felix doesn’t travel to South America, students invited him to visit their home country Argentina to share their own customs and traditions.

Throughout the project students were exposed to a variety of resources:

  • online maps to learn about continents and countries
  • virtual museums that exhibit famous artifacts and works of art
  • a coding app to produce an animation of Felix traveling to different places
  • a game creation app to assess their own learning
  • a robot coding app simulating Felix journeys
  • various artistic creations that involve crafts and building
  • portfolio and communication app to keep record of their learning process as well as sharing it with their families


The unit “Around the world with Felix” seeks to transport students into various culturally and geographically diverse countries while combining 21st century resources and skills to produce a multidisciplinary project that fosters research, creativity and curiosity.

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