Punta Chica First grade teachers: Valerie Browne, Josefina de Vedia, Milagros Scosceria.

Mentor Janine Cervi

The First Grade Language curriculum has us working on traditional tales. We recently explored The Three Little Pigs. While working on the final craft project, to build houses out of waste material, some children expressed interest in building a larger structure. This coincided with a staff meeting  which involved our heads, Ben Walden and sticks. After the meeting, Caro Gallegos and Moira Lutteral  lit a spark…

Our proposal for 2016 involves a Problem Based Learning Sequence where our students will find a way to build a house of sticks, in the style of Pig Number 2 from our story.IMG_4617

 We will invite parent experts to share their knowledge and past experiences. We will keep a journal as we go, recording the problems that we face and how we find the best solution for each on our way to building our stick house. The final product will be given as a donation to a REDSA sister organization for other children to enjoy.

Our goal as guides is to empower children with authentic decision making instances in an exciting long term classroom project. We will provide chances for them to find problems, identify them and solve them following priorities. Our goal as educators is to challenge our teaching practices with approaches that are out of our comfort zone.



Categories: Professional Development Contest 2016

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